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Corporate Law

From the formation of the entity and drafting important governing documents to business disputes, THEVOZ & Partners is your trusted partner. We listen to our clients' stories and understand their unique goals. With a good understanding of the tax law, we provide business structuring advice that helps shield our clients from potential risks and maximize tax efficiency.

We all negotiate, whether with our family members, friends, coworkers, or neighbors. Although we may not have a written instrument to reflect the terms and conditions that we have agreed upon with our loved ones, it is definitely wise to have them in writing in the business world to avoid a “he said, she said” situation. When it comes to contract negotiation, it is more about reaching an agreement or a “meeting of minds.” It also concerns the allocation of risks, profits and losses, and, most importantly, controls. For example, what happens if one party fails to fulfill his or her responsibility under the contract? If one party sues the other party, where should they open a case? A good contract negotiator should keep those questions in mind.

Essential Contract Negotiation Skills.
Strong contract negotiation skills not only protect your business and your best interests but also help you to build and maintain long-lasting and satisfying business relationships. Here are some important skills to contract negotiators:

  • Sound Legal Knowledge. There is a reason why many contract negotiators are lawyers. With a good understanding of the law, many lawyers know the legal implication of certain terms and clauses, which help them understand the other party’s intention better and protect their clients’ best interests.
  • Clear and Accurate Communication. It is no surprise that the communication for contract negotiation involves a significant number of legal terms. A clear and accurate understanding of these legal terms is key to contract negotiation communication.
  • Planning and Strategy. You win some, and you lose some. You probably will not get everything you want during a contract negotiation. Therefore, it is very important to have a clear idea of what your goal is and what you cannot compromise. Pick your battle and know when to take a step back.

Contract Review
Sometimes, you may not be able to negotiate a contract, but you still want to know what the legal consequences and implications are if you sign a contract. A contract is a piece of legally binding paper. It can be very powerful. Thus, it is always recommended to have a professional thoroughly read a contract and explain the terms to you before signing a contract.

Our attorneys not only have the required legal acumen and plenty of experience negotiating contracts, but they also speak the language of finance—accounting. If you want professional assistance for contract negotiation or review, contact us today.

Starting a business in Texas is more than picking a good and memorable business name. Here are five easy steps that business owners can follow to form a business entity in Texas:
1. Speak to a Texas attorney about the pros and cons of each business structure (as such sole proprietorship, partnerships, LLCs, and corporation)
2. Pick a name that has not been picked by other businesses in Texas
3. Hire registered agents for LLCs and corporations
4. Fulfill the filing requirements for your business entity if required
5. Obtain an EIN and pay tax

Standard business formation can be done with legal Zoom. However, if you, as an entrepreneur, is considering growing your business, attracting investors, and adding new owners to the business in the future, you should definitely consult a business attorney. With an international presence, our firm takes pride in innovation. Our attorneys specialize in drafting governing documents and designing business structures for unique business models powered by cutting-edge technologies. Our clients are from walks of life. For example, with ideas inspired by Switzerland’s foundation and association, we effectively helped our client build a structure specifically for a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which originated in Austin, Texas. We combine our love for learning about new technology and our experience in business formation to help our client achieve their goal.

In addition, our staff takes a holistic approach and takes into consideration of tax, accounting, and decision-making processes to structure a business entity that would nurture the client’s business and protect their interests and assets. This is especially true when the client or the business is expected to have international operations or engage in cross-border activities. If you are thinking of starting a business today, contact us.

THEVOZ & Partners specializes in the area of Corporate Law

Originating from Switzerland, THEVOZ & Partners works hard to build a reputation of innovation, efficiency, punctuality, and professionalism. We take pride in our European roots as well as our American spirits. At Thevoz & Partners, we fight fiercely for our client’s best interests. With real-world experience in managing businesses in both Europe and America, we provide insightful and practical advice.

Being well-versed in U.S., Swiss, and international corporate tax law and income tax law, business entities of different sizes and shapes seek our experience and advice in achieving financial and tax efficiency. We regularly help clients in cross-border transactions, asset acquisition, and tax planning.

Perhaps, some corporate lawyers or transactional lawyers desire clients who contact them before signing any contract or setting up a business so that the lawyer can structure the business or draft the contract with fewer constraints. This is completely understandable and reasonable. However, life happens. Sometimes, the client contacts us after they have already signed a “bad” contract or set up a business entity. It is our job to fix the “bad” decision or situation and mitigate the loss. Not only are we there to support your success, but we are also here for you on rainy days.