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Current Opportunities at THEVOZ & Partners

Job Offer 1 International Tax Partner
Description We are looking to hire a tax partner for our New York office. Reason As an internationally renowned law firm, we are seeking to expand our tax client base. To achieve this, we are looking to hire a tax partner based in New York who specializes in providing expert advice to individual taxpayers on their international tax matters.
When As soon as possible
Compensation 70 % of their team originations, along with referral fees (see Summary)
Type of cases Our client base includes individuals residing in Switzerland who have never filed US tax returns and have a variety of investments. As a result, we strongly recommend that they comply with US tax regulations. However, the complexity of their personal circumstances can make some cases challenging, such as instances where they have conducted transfers between retirement accounts, invested in PFic, or made significant investments subject to capital gains tax. Additionally, we offer guidance to clients who are considering investing in the United States. We carefully consider their current situation and also take into account any potential future transfers of their US assets to their heirs. While some of our clients live in the United States, they have maintained ties with Switzerland. We provide them with advice regarding their international tax situation. Furthermore, we assist clients living abroad who are facing US tax issues due to the inheritance of US assets following the passing of one of their parents. We walk them through the probate procedure and handle matters related to US estate tax. Additionally, we support clients with trusts that are relocating to Switzerland. We provide guidance on how to structure these trusts in a strategic manner in order to minimize their tax liabilities both in the US and in Switzerland. In addition to the aforementioned services, we also assist clients who are dealing with tax issues that may require litigation against the IRS. For example, we have clients who have failed to file Form 3520 for large gifts, and others who have neglected to disclose their Swiss corporation, which must be treated as a PFic (Passive Foreign Investment Company). In such cases, we provide guidance and legal support to help our clients navigate through the necessary litigation process.
Experience Minimum 7 years in international tax law
Personal Book Minimum USD 300,000
Place Up to the Partner

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