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The Traditional Model at THEVOZ & Partners

Pathways to Leadership and Growth

Our Traditional Model offers a structured path from Senior Associate or Counsel to Equity Partner, designed for those who thrive on responsibility, client engagement, and firm leadership.
Stages of Progression:

  • Senior Associate/Counsel: Begin with significant client interaction, case leadership, and potential for mentoring, setting the stage for partnership consideration.
  • Non-Equity Partner: Step into a role with higher status, more client engagement, and management responsibilities, serving as a precursor to equity partnership.
  • Equity Partner: Achieve the pinnacle of your career with an ownership stake in the firm, profit sharing, and a role in firm management

What to Expect

  • Competitive Advancement: Progress through the ranks in a competitive yet supportive environment, where your contributions to client success and firm growth are recognized and rewarded.
  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from extensive resources, mentorship, and a collaborative culture that fosters professional development and excellence.

An Experienced Team At Your Service

THEVOZ & Partners is fortunate to have an excellent, efficient and highly trained team.

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